Feeder Show Review 06.05.2003

Feeder Show Review

Chicago: 06.05.2003

Feeder: Comforting Sound
When I got the phone call inviting me to go see Feeder, I scratched my head wondering how I had never heard of them before based on what the Universal Records representative told me. Once the new CD, “Comfort In Sound” arrived, the mystery deepened, as it has a bunch of intriguing, upbeat, radio-friendly songs on it! I found myself looking forward to this encounter with this previously unknown entity.

The journey to play this show in Chicago was definitely a long and uncertain one, this was Feeder’s first US tour in 5 years and Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose have overcame the suicide of founding group member drummer Jon Lee. The new CD’s title “Comfort in Sound” is so honest and real that it is quite refreshing in that regard. Feeder has also had high points, recently opening on Coldplay’s recent sold-out European tour.

As I arrive at the venue, I stand outside waiting for my guest to arrive. Grant walks by and I introduce myself. He proceeds to have a lively conversation with me about everything from the beauty of the venue’s surrounding neighborhood, the differences of a tour like this one here in the US compared to their European dates, the state of the music industry and the challenges of bringing Feeder to the United States. Grant asked what my favorite song was on the CD was and I told him “Helium” and he said that they hadn’t played that much live, but Feeder later opened the show with the song and I think it made a great tone setting opener! All the while, he was thoughtful, friendly and came across as quite sincere. My guest arrives and I wish him luck with the show and the tour and proceed inside.

Grant’s next feat was all the more impressive, leading Feeder through a lively set in a room of people there to see another band and with a few exceptions, absolutely zero clue who Feeder was. I’ve always considered the ultimate test of a musician to be how they handle this situation. Feeder passed this test with flying colors as the crowd was very appreciative and into their set overall. The only improvement I could suggest would be to hire a touring guitarist with stronger backup vocal ability, but this is a minor issue.

After the show, it was mentioned that they might be coming back to the United States in the fall and I left the venue looking forward to the next time I would be called into the “Comfort in Sound”?