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Promotion / FAQ

What is MusicFrisk.Com? is a unique, industry leading webzine whose primary goal is to conduct the best and most insightful interviews and show reviews in the music industry. We are here to highlight quality artists and observe non-public, cutting edge new artist and new CD release promotional tours. We like to have fun in the process, which reflects positively in our product output! As time and staffing constraints allow, brief CD reviews and other sections to the site will likely also be added. We welcome suggestions from both publicists and our loyal readers for ways to improve the site, you are our customers and the reason we exist.

Who runs MusicFrisk.Com?

Dave Dalka, CEO, has a successful history of extremely diverse music, concert, business strategy and development experiences and the leveraging of technology in unique ways. Dave holds a bachelor's degree from DePaul University and a master's degree from the University of Chicago. Dave likes to dig deeper into things whether it involves music, various facets of finance, business strategy and change management, world events, sports(especially the Chicago Cubs and NHL hockey!), fine cuisine, travel, bicycle riding or local surroundings. MusicFrisk.Com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seamless Press Enterprises and Guest List, Inc., cutting edge industry tools that will be introduced in the future and rapidly become the industry standard.

I really like MusicFrisk.Com, may I link my site to yours?

But of course(you will find the code on our home page)! We consider it the greatest form of flattery! How else can you flatter someone so cheaply other than linking MusicFrisk.Com to another site or on a message board? If you have an interest in a specific artist or article please feel free to push that link to people directly from your artist's web site, street team newsletter, fan web sites or any other places you think people would find it relevant. Our diversity is our strength, thank you for becoming part of the extended MusicFrisk.Com family, just remember to send us thoughtful gifts come holiday time, OK?

I'm a publicist who would like to use your interview or show review in a press kit, may I use it in my artists' press kit?

Yes. Please e-mail to tell us you are doing so, we are always flattered to know this and need to make you aware if we find out that we must update the article for some reason. Your usage agrees to use our logo and attached MusicFrisk.Com contact info. Simply use the "Print this Page" link on the upper right corner of the web site and photocopy to double sided paper, most articles will fit on one or two pages if you do this, using a format other than this is a voilation of the usage agreeement. Thank you for your interest.

I really like the writing on MusicFrisk.Com and I know of publications that would like to publish your writing on an ad hoc basis, will you do that?

Yes. Please have the editor of that publication contact with a one-time or long-term proposal. Just don't tell them we intend to take them over someday yet, OK? ;) Thanks.

I really, really like MusicFrisk.Com, and I feel generous, can I send you a million dollars?

After some careful consideration, we think this would be an extremely wise thing for you to do! We can assist you arranging a drop off point or Fed Ex address for large unmarked bills or Paypal instructions. It would be best if more than one of you did this as we could upgrade the site and eventually take over media empires through leveraged buyouts. Thank you for your support!

What else can MusicFrisk.Com do for my band, artist, record label, PR firm or management company besides premium quality interviews and show reviews?

MusicFrisk.Com has an ever growing network of people who are able to provide services that many of our clients find desirable that require separate ticket allotments and/or negotiable fees from our primary services, these currently include:
* Effective advertsing campaigns for new albums, concert tours or other products sharing our affluent and desirable visitor demographics
* Consulting services regarding indusry artist positioning and new album campaigns

* Professional, in-house video taping and soundboard mix recording of your artist's performance - requires a non-distributable copy for MusicFrisk.Com
* High-end photography services
* If you have a unique need not described here, we can also tailor services to meet those needs at reasonable rates. How can we serve you?

How do I start a relationship with you and where do I send press kits?

Please contactvia e-mail and based on the band and tour plans you will receive instructions on where to send press kits.

How can I help you cover my artists better?

Here's a Top 10 list!!!
10) Please do not send advance CD's that are altered with chanting tribesman, random noise or "property of" statements spoken in Arabic accents, these will not be listened to.
9) Please always include your business card in the press kit, nothing is worse than listening to a great CD, wanting to interview them next time they come to town and having no clue who sent it to you!
8) If you sent a CD without the final artwork, please send one with it eventually, some of the best questions I've ever asked have come from CD inserts and I feel literally blind without the final CD inserts.
7) Fed Ex and Airborne are preferred methods of shipment. UPS tends to be extremely unreliable at my present address. Please always send press kits no signature required, please remember that you are sending a CD, not the original version of the Declaration of Independence!
6) Things like laminated credentials (they are nice collectibles), VIP viewing areas and unofficial after show activities are always genuinely appreciated.
5) Tickets sent in advance for shows are always appreciated, especially when the venue is large or not close by as it reduces stress and saves time when arriving at the venue. This is because guest list ticket snafus, while often not your fault directly, all too often happen. Ideally tickets should be sent and the VIP and Photo passes should be left at the will call window, especially at a large venue show. It solves the biggest uncertainty regarding attending the event.
4) A set list from the tour manager delivered before the show does wonders for highlighting a band's newer songs, which is what you are trying to push! So please have the tour manager always provide a set list! And be sure to include his or her cell phone number!
3) Please always be sure the guest list is properly turned in as promised! Guest list omissions and wasted time can lead to undesirable outcomes, including not being able to write about an artist at all. Worse, it's a waste of your valuable time setting it up and is also quite embarrassing to everyone!
2) Interviews conducted right after sound check almost always sound better, artists are in their groove and sometimes seeing a sound check changes the whole direction of an interview. When I'm available early, this is desirable!
1) Please always tell the tour manager who MusicFrisk.Com is and why we will be there, confirming our guest list credentials have been turned in, this prevents embarrassing situations like "who are you?" and standing outside during the show at a venue where cell phones don't work inside! It also prevents #2,3,4 and 5 quite nicely. :)

Anything still not answered? Please e-mail us. Thanks again!

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