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The text of the 1992 Campaign book "A Call to Economic Arms" by Paul Tsongas

A Call to Economic Arms

By Paul Tsongas

Paul and I in 1992

Paul Tsongas should have been the Democratic nominee in 1992, but due to the sleazy and unethical politics of DNC chairman Ron Brown and his chosen candidate it is was not to be. The later likely led to the ethical lapses of the late 90's and the early 21st century in the business world because people are a product of their environment. Paul passed away in 1997. I post the text of this book in the hope that his ideas and legacy can survive and eventually be implemented by a candidate who is thoughtful, compassionate and an agent of change. I hope that day can happen soon so that Paul can smile down on us all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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