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D Dalka – CEO, Managing Editor and Writer – Location varies!

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“You should be running a record label. We need more of your insight in the biz!” Ken Phillips – Ken Phillips Publicity Group

“I loved your review. I think you did a great job with it! It seems that you know where I’m coming from and that’s a treat for me.” Pete Huttlinger – National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

“Thank you Dave for your amazing interview and your time.” Justin Stewart Cotta – lead singer of Memento (now Man vs. Clock)

In addition to being CEO of Music Frisk and coordinating it’s expanding stable of strategic partnerships, Dave Dalka does in-person interviews and show reviews primarily in Chicago/Milwaukee and other nearby Midwestern cities. Dave holds a masters degree from the University of Chicago. Dave also has lived, frequently travels to, and has many contacts in the northeastern United States. While primarily covering acts that are classified as Alternative, Active Rock, Rock, Hot AC, Fingerstyle Guitar and Blues. Dave also enjoys checking out music that is unique and does not fit neatly into any mainstream North American radio format and checks out new music on new artist or new CD promotional tours and/or opening spots. Dave also collects interviews, TV appearances around the world, high-quality live video and audio performances of artists that he follows closely.
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Will Hennegan – Writer
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Dave would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge Will Fresch, Brian Milo, Chris Patton, Raquel Vargas, Vincent Vitello, Chip Wert and all my other friends and family, without which this web site literally would not exist. Music Frisk, Inc. would like to thank all of the helpful publicists that arrange interviews and do so many unappreciated things behind the scenes, all of the wonderful and kind tour managers who credential us liberally and allow us to access soundchecks and, of course, the artists themselves for taking time to sit down with us. We would also like to thank our loyal readers who give us such outstanding ideas, question and feedback, they truly appreciate the well researched, in-depth and industry leading interviews which MusicFrisk.Com conducts and provides.